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   Avin Ratio kills / losses * kills / time 

  The 'Avin' Ratio

Demarcation lines at 1, 2, 3, 10, 50, 100, 150, 200. Graph depicts top 200 pilots and the average of all pilots (avgjoe).

WB vets will recognize the so-called 'avin' formula as derived from HiTech's last and best scoring system, before the plane modifiers arrived. When deft first implemented the scoring pages, we got this scoring formula back. I wrote and asked HiTech what we should call it. When he didn't reply, I got stuck with having it called after me. However, this formula has since been modified after a geek fest on agw, when many of us agreed to drop the K/S component.


What's now called the 'avin' ratio is calculated by:
score = k / d * k / t
k=kills + (0.25*assists)
d=deaths + captures + bails + (0.25*ditches) + 1
t=time in fighters only


To get a good score, you need to maximize all aspects of this formula. You need to kill fluently and efficiently while dying as little as possible. As it's a ratio-based formula, flying a lot won't automatically increase your score.

Now the different elements of this formula are hard to maximize simultaneously. If you fly very conservatively to maximize K/d, then K/t will suffer. Fly like a dervish to maximize K/t, and K/d tends to suffer. It's therefore hard to 'game' this score (but sadly, not impossible). However, when your 'avin' score rises, it's generally because you've gotten better.