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  Yak Ratio kills / losses * sorties / losses 

  The 'Yak' Ratio

Demarcation lines at 1, 2, 3, 10, 50, 100, 150, and 200. Graph depicts top 200 pilots and the average of all pilots (avgjoe).

The 'yak' formula was originaly created by Micah 'yak' Bly as a replacement for Warbirds unpopular rating. Yak's goal was to create a ranking formula which more accurately reflected what mattered most in real life, surviving. The Yak formula was used in registered competitions in which pilots competed for the title of 'Chief Dweeb'.


What's now called the 'Yak' ratio is calculated by:
score = k / d * s / d
k = kills
d = killed + .9 * captured + .5 * bailed + .15 * ditched + 1
s = sorties


Yak's original formula (sqrt(k * s * 100) / d) has been revised. It was to easy to 'game' the Yak formula by starting sorties then exiting the plane. Because of this, I have chosen to revise his original formula. I believe that the revised formula still maintains the spirit and intention of Yak's original formula, so it will continue to be refered to as Yak's score.